• EU and GB approval changes – October-December 2022 January 20, 2023 - EU and GB approval changes Following the UK departure from the EU, COLEACP’s Regulation Monitoring now covers both EU and GB approval changes, enabling us to keep COLEACP members and partner-beneficiaries up-to-date on both regulatory frameworks.The European Commission (EC) has recently published changes to plant protection product (PPP) approvals within the European Union (EU). These… Read more
  • Companies promoting the circular economy and reducing food waste December 20, 2022 - On 28 November 2022, during the 11th Innovations Session organised by the PAFO and COLEACP, inspiring African companies demonstrated how their businesses based on the circular economy contribute to reducing food loss and waste (agenda ; speakers’ biodata). The online session was attended by over 170 participants from Africa, the Caribbean region and Europe. The… Read more
  • COLEACP’s Sustainability Self-Assessment System (SAS) December 16, 2022 - In the framework of the Fit for Market Plus (FFM+) programme, COLEACP organised two training sessions on the new version of the COLEACP Sustainability Self-Assessment System (SAS). The sessions were part of a SAS training programme that will include completion of a self-study course, peer exchanges and mentoring/coaching sessions. The two sessions took place on… Read more
  • Agrifood practitioners and scientific research are key to address the effects of climate change November 15, 2022 - Over the past decades, agriculture has continuously expanded and enhanced its productivity to ensure food security and food safety to the growing global population in an unsustainable way. This has led to the loss of natural ecosystems, declining biodiversity and increasing greenhouse gas emissions1. The global agrifood system, which includes food production, processing, packaging and… Read more
  • Successful collaboration with CABI October 28, 2022 - In 2020, COLEACP and CABI signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together on key areas of interest concerning SPS measures around the world. The collaboration, which ultimately aims to benefit food security among countries within the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) states, includes work on regulations and standards; technical assistance in the implementation of… Read more
  • New and emerging plant health challenges at IPPC event in London October 28, 2022 - Plant health is a key factor in any strategy to achieve food security, protect the environment and biodiversity, and facilitate safe trade. The First International Plant Health Conference, held from 21–23 September 2022 in London, aimed to address new and emerging plant health challenges, including climate change impacts, the risks associated with significant increase in… Read more
  • FFM+, already nearly 400 requests for support October 28, 2022 - To date, 390 applications for Fit For Market Plus (FFM+) support have been filed by various organisations from African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. In order to further promote this new programme and meet potential partner-beneficiaries, a series of launch events and activities have already been organised in Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone,… Read more
  • #WorldFoodDay: Agrifood SMEs and businesses contribution to leaving no one behind October 16, 2022 - The World Food Day 2022 highlights the increasing interlinkages of economies, cultures, and populations with its theme “leave no one behind”. Global health, planet and political challenges call for global solutions that include guaranteeing the access and availability of nutritious food, as well as reducing food losses and waste. These solutions should specifically be designed… Read more
  • COLEACP celebrates businesses and SMEs empowering rural women October 15, 2022 - The International Day of Rural Women, celebrated the day before the International World Food Day (on 16 October), acknowledges women’s significant contributions to agriculture food and food safety, as well as the rural economy in all regions of the world. Women represent, on average, 43 percent of the agricultural labour force in developing countries from… Read more
  • EU and GB MRL changes in 2022 – July – September 2022 October 7, 2022 - Changes to EU and GB pesticide maximum residue levels Following the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU), COLEACP’s monitoring of pesticide regulations now covers MRL changes in both the EU and Great Britan (GB), enabling us to keep COLEACP members and partner-beneficiaries up-to-date. Note that EU MRLs still apply in Northern… Read more
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